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Friday Five April 11

I like making lists. Sometimes I share them.

1. This is for you. There is no wrong way to approach a rock.

2. Sue Townsend, the author of The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, Aged 13¾ has died. Does this mean I can now confess I didn't really enjoy that book and really, really could not get into Adrian Mole: The Prostrate Years?

3. I wrote about pretty wedding things at BlogHer. Which I know, hahahaha. I eloped. I STILL LIKE PRETTY.

4. I found some advice for how to avoid wrist pain in down dog and it works. Mostly. I find it a bit hard to adjust to do this properly when doing really flowing sequences but overall it has helped.

5. Joan Jett. Nirvana. Friday made.



Wordless Wednesday April 9


Wordless Wednesday April 9 | Sassymonkey.ca


Happiness = Gargoyle

Remember Jerome? I wouldn't be surprised if you forgot about him. The poor guy was last spotted in early December and then quickly disappeared under all the snow. At the rate this spring has been going we didn't know if we'd see him before May. 

It rained last night and it was so weird to hear rain it kept me up for an hour after I got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. When I finally hauled my butt out of bed this morning (after hitting the snooze alarm eleventy times) I looked out into the backyard and saw patches of grass. When I look out the front window, I saw a bit more grass but something far better.

Happiness is a Gargoyle | Sassymonkey.ca

Hello Jerome! 

I imagine Jerome muttering and swearing at the snow in French but then I always imagine him muttering and swearing in French. I don't think he approves of Canadian winters. It is entirely possible he is thankful that the early piles of snow prevented us from plopping at Santa hat on his head at Christmas.

His view is still rather obscured by mounds of dirty snow but I feel like he'll be back to glaring at the dogs that pee on our lawn in no time.


Meal Plan April 7

We are good at planning but not always great at execution -- particularly when it comes to Sunday night dinner. We liked to make things on Sundays that stretch. Roast chicken. Pot roast. Pulled pork. The problem is that these things really require us to take things out of the freezer on Saturday and we are very, very bad at that. Very bad.

And so on Sundays we often find ourselves scrambling to fine something for dinner. It's a not really a big deal. Since we do our grocery shopping on Sunday it's arguably the best day of the week to have to make a new plan. But then our Sunday meals get pushed to Monday and I feel like I'm repeating myself. But that's life. That's how we eat and well, sometimes we get really good ideas. Pulled pork is usually served on buns here (and then leftovers used for tacos or enchiladas) but I was reading cookbooks on Sunday and came across pulled pork served on waffles. We're SO having that for dinner tonight. And last night we got to have steaks on the grill and I'm so happy it's grill season again.

Last week I also learned that black bean burgers take OMG SO LONG to make. They were yummy and the recipe made 14 so I have a bunch of them in the freezer I can pull out for lunches but I am so not making them completely from scratch on a Friday night again. Friday night dinners should be easy.

Meal Plan April 7 | Sassymonkey.ca

Monday: Pulled pork and coleslaw on cornmeal waffles.

Tuesday: Yogurt-marinated grilled chicken and salad.

Wednesday: Pulled pork tacos (from leftovers).

Thursday: Soup.

Friday: Peanut quinoa bowls with baked tofu.

Saturday: Bison burgers and sweet potato fries.

Sunday: Shrimp and rice.


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